Our mission is to create the kind of ice cream we would serve to our own families. Quality is at the heart of everything we do. To remain committed to this principle, Art Cream is guided by three basic beliefs:

Happy Cows, Happy People
We believe the way our cows are treated directly impacts the quality of the product we offer. We use a single herd of well treated, pasture-grazed cows for our milk and cream. Each cow has a distinct personality and we enjoy working with our farm team every day. Humane animal treatment is just as important to us as it is to our customers.

Clean Ingredients
We obtain our ingredients from small, ethically run suppliers. Each ingredient is natural and sustainably sourced. We never use corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners – real sugar only. We make small batches using 100% certified organic milk and cream.

Lead with Integrity

We believe that the way we treat others is an indication of who we are as people. We pay living wages and treat our members with the utmost dignity and respect. We use fair labor practices and only work with packers and suppliers who do the same.


Our artisan ice cream begins with a single herd of pasture-grazed Wisconsin cows and is transformed into an organic work of art. Our traditional vanilla, chocolate and cookies and cream will tickle your taste buds with a creamy texture. Each unconventional pairing – from sweet and savory spices like cardamom and ginger, to genuine craft bourbon and Indonesian honey – will transport your tastebuds to an exotic destination while still reminding you of home.


We are a family-run and owned business who believe that a carefully crafted pint of ice cream is a work of art to be shared with loved ones. After owner Luciano Vitali Alves caught himself reminiscing on his childhood memories scooping ice cream at his family’s ice cream parlor, he decided it was time to create an ice cream that emulated that same sense of nostalgia, and thus, Art Cream, was born.

To cater to both the eyes and the mouth, we carefully selected unique and bold flavors that tasted like works of art and paired them with hand-designed artful packaging that encompassed the essence of each flavor. Bold oranges, deep browns and vibrant reds for spicier flavors and earthy greens, soft blues and lively yellows for sweet and savory flavors.

Each pint is a work of art made for our family and for you – our customer.




Art Creams
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